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Who we are

I put the ice we are the eCommerce of drinks for the general public, both individuals and businesses.

The company was founded in 2013, when the founders of the company, professionals in different areas of e-commerce in Spain, saw the opportunity to contribute their vision and experience to the online sale of beverages. After a period of in-depth analysis, development of the website, administrative procedures and many doses of enthusiasm, it is finally in the early stages of 2014 when our website www.yopongoelhielo.com opens to the public.

Due to our personal and direct treatment, our customer service and the effort we make to improve day by day, we aim to position ourselves as the most recommended online beverage store in Spain.

Our aim is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and our reward, loyalty and recommendation.


To lead the business of online sales of water, soft drinks and spirits in Spain, always offering the best alternative for individuals and professionals.


To be the leading eCommerce provider for water, soft drinks and spirits in Spain.

Our values:

  • Quality: pursuit of excellence in all our actions.
  • Innovation: to be at the forefront of the sector.
  • Responsibility: to our employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Flexibility and Adaptation: to be able to adapt to different social, economic, personal and environmental circumstances.

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