Jägermeister is a bitter liqueur sweetened with an herbal base from Wolfenbüttel, a German city in Lower Saxony. More than fifty ingredients make up Jägermeister's recipe, including fruits, spices and roots such as licorice, ginger or juniper berries. In its traditional recipe, these components are ground and macerated in water and alcohol for a minimum of one day, then filtered and left to rest in oak barrels for a year. After this time, the mixture is filtered again, adding sugar, caramel and water, to filter it again and finish the process with the bottling.



The origins of Jägermeister can be traced back to Wolfenbüttel, a city in Lower Saxony, and to the second half of the 19th century, to 1878. It was at this time that the first stone was laid for the construction of one of the most prestigious drinks in the world. Wilhelm Mast, an inhabitant of the area, decided to become an entrepreneur and found his own vinegar factory, relying in a very short time on a relative success among its neighbors. Wilhelm had a son to whom he wanted to teach the noble art of vinegar making, but Curt, so called, had other thoughts, and harboured the dream of making a unique herbal drink. Thus, after a multitude of experiments with an enormous quantity of herbs, roots, fruits and flowers, he would finally give form in 1935 to a 56-ingredient herbal liqueur which he would name as Master Hunter, Jägermeister in German, due to his great love of hunting, offering his creation to his friends and fellow hunters.

Curt was also obsessed with the resistance of the container where his drink rested. To do this, he chose several bottles and dropped them on the floor of his kitchen, in search of one that would resist the blow. Finally, after several attempts, one of them showed its superiority, becoming since then another of the symbols of the brand by its characteristic shape and color.

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Special Editions

Jägermeister Manifest

As a general rule, grass liqueurs do not take a step further towards the premium step, but decide to stay comfortably in their natural habitat and reap the rewards their recipe has created. In the case of Jägermeister, however, this is not the case, and the German brand has launched a trick on the market with the development of Manifest. Double maturation in small and large oak barrels for more than 12 months and an alcohol content of 38% are the two main hallmarks of Jägermeister's crown jewel.

Jägermeister Scharf Hot Ginger

A greater intensity in one of its main ingredients. Which one? Nothing more and nothing less than ginger. Scharf Hot Ginger is a spicy explosion on the palate that makes all the senses activate instantly.

Jägermeister Spice

A sweeter liqueur for those who love softness. Jägermeister Spice increases the amount of cinnamon and vanilla, enhancing both flavors and reducing the amount of alcohol by 10% over the original.

Logo and campaigns

A cross on a deer. This is the famous logo of the German brand, which of course has a deep meaning related to religion and hunting, the latter indissoluble hobby with its creator. The symbol of Jägermeister is related to the legend of St. Umberto and the deer, in which the saint, an amateur hunter, one day found a deer with a cross between the antlers. From that very moment he decided to defend nature, becoming the patron saint of hunters.

Interesting facts

Jägermeister keeps among his achievements one related to football. The German brand, back in 1973, was a pioneer in linking advertising with the beautiful game, becoming the first to appear on the shirts of any team. The graceful club was the German Eintracht Braunschweig, who wore the logo and name of the world's most famous herbal liqueur printed on their outfits.

Jagermeister is a brand of Herbal Liqueur and Liqueur. Its references in Herbal Liqueur and Liqueur are highly valued in the sector for its high degree of quality in manufacturing and its fame among the public is well deserved.

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