Bacardi Razz

Bacardi Razz

Alcohol Volume: 35%
discount: Yes
Liquor Style: Molasses
Country: Puerto Rico
Variety: White

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Bacardi Razz

16,56 €

18,15 €

tax incl. (21%)

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Details and Information about Rum Bacardi Razz

Alcohol Volume35%
Liquor StyleMolasses
CountryPuerto Rico

Why buy Rum Bacardi Razz

The night always lends itself to seduce the one we want to conquer, but... it is not usually an easy task, especially in these times.

That's why you should try an intensely flavoured glass of Marion berry essence and red raspberries mixed with rum that only Bacardi Razz can provide.

And with it, an effective power of seduction is assured. And, if you share it, it will be doubly so.


Tasting notes. Sight, smell and taste

Bacardi Razz is such an intense and aromatic combination that can only be achieved when you mix a good handful of red raspberries and Marion berries with a rum like Bacardi and create a concoction that will seduce any mortal who dares to try it.


Pairing. How to taste it

Bacardi Razz can be sipped neat on the rocks or you can add lemonade, tonic or ginger ale for a drink so delicious and seductive that it's sure to make a night of it. And if you share it, you'll be doubly attracted.


A little bit of history about Bacardi Razz...

Bacardi is an unbeatable mix that fills the palate with notes of citrus fruits and the sweetness of sugar cane. This fascinating combination is another of the brilliant ideas of the Bacardi spirits company, which has been providing us with rums with history for more than 160 years.


It's in the Top 110 of economic and cheap products of Rum and in the Top 1180 of our best seller products.

Comments about Bacardi Razz (1)

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1 comment
13 of june , 2014

Esperando mis botellas

Muy buen producto. Lo compré para el mueble bar de mi casa. Se lo he dado a probar a algunos amigos y todo el mundo se ha quedado sorprendido.

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