Roku Gin Japanese

Roku Gin Japanese

Alcohol Volume: 43%
discount: Yes
Liquor Style: Premium
Country: Japan
Variety: Neutral

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  • 70cl

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Roku Gin Japanese

21,50 €

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Details and Information about Gin Roku Gin Japanese

Alcohol Volume43%
Liquor StylePremium

Why buy Gin Roku Gin Japanese

There was a time when the almost exclusive heritage of premium gins was held by the English.

Like fine whisky, it was the Scots.

But along came the Japanese. And with their general know-how they have positioned themselves as a producer of great quality distillates.

And they have created some of the best modern high-end gins, Roku Gin.

Roku Gin is a gin carefully crafted by Japanese artisans, who, with skilful precision and meticulous attention to every detail, created a perfectly balanced gin.

And they named it Roku, which means "six" in Japanese.

The reason is very obvious: it incorporates six traditional Japanese botanicals among its ingredients.

Specifically the following:

  • Sakura flower
  • Sakura leaf
  • Yuzu peel
  • Sencha Tea
  • Gyokuro Tea
  • Sansho Pepper

All picked, distilled and blended at the very famous Suntory House in Osaka, Japan.

The Japanese craftsmen follow the "shun" philosophy, which means that they only pick the botanicals when they are at their peak of ripeness, taking into account the season of the year, so that they can achieve the highest level of flavour and perfection when making the gin.


Tasting notes. Sight, smell and taste

The attention to detail that the Japanese have put into Roku Gin is truly amazing.

The end result is a complex but harmonious gin with a smooth and silky texture that will make your glasses a luxury and pleasure for your palate.


Pairing. How to taste it

To enjoy the authentic Japanese perfect serve, in a balloon glass with ice, add Roku Gin, your favourite tonic and garnish with ginger sticks, which will complement the citrusy top notes of the yuzu.

You will see that more than a simple gin & tonic, you will have a Japanese gin & tonic in your glass, with which you can share a refreshing Japanese ritual at any time.


A little bit of history about Roku Gin Japanese...

If you're a gin lover and you haven't tried it yet, you'll probably be in the mood for it because with Roku Gin you get all the Japanese wisdom condensed into a great gin, which also comes in a beautiful bottle with a hexahedral plant, each of its six sides dedicated to one of its special botanicals.

It's all cool.


It's in the Top 30 of economic and cheap products of Gin and in the Top 130 of our best seller products.

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12 of august , 2021

Roku Gin Japonesa

Ginebra aromatizada, con sabor muy delicado, nos ha gustado mucho

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