Arehucas Añejo Selección Familiar 18 Years

Arehucas Añejo Selección Familiar 18 Years

Alcohol Volume: 40%
discount: Yes
Liquor Style: Molasses
Country: Spain
Variety: Old

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  • 70cl

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Arehucas Añejo Selección Familiar 18 Years

29,95 €

32,95 €

tax incl. (21%)

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Details and Information about Rum Arehucas Añejo Selección Familiar 18 Years

Alcohol Volume40%
Liquor StyleMolasses

Why buy Rum Arehucas Añejo Selección Familiar 18 Years

A slow and meticulous process, using only the finest ingredients to achieve the highest degree of excellence. A unique sugar cane, a high altitude for low temperature and oxygen conditions, and centenary barrels of excellent wood. These are the three characteristics that make possible the production of one of the essential national rums: Ron Arehucas 18 años.

In human beings, most of them are 18 years old, and in the Canary Islands distillery too, or at least that's how it is with Arehucas 18 years old. You can try other of their products, and they will surely captivate you, but in none of them will you taste that wisdom, maturity, strength and personality that give Arehucas its star element. 18 years of maturation in centenary casks until reaching the exact flavour.


Tasting notes. Sight, smell and taste

A transparent bottle, narrow at the neck and widening as it descends, is the protector of this precious liquid. With the distinctive mark of its age in the centre of the bottle, Arehucas 18 Años offers a beautiful mahogany colour that, when poured into a glass, presents a dense tear. At this point, intense aromas of sugar cane and oak are perceived, ending on the palate with a sweet and pleasantly textured flavour that lingers for a long time on the palate.


Pairing. How to taste it

As for the best way to enjoy it, Yo pongo el hielo recommends drinking it neat, in a wide glass and without ice to cool its temperature. This way, you will be able to better enjoy the whole journey that Arehucas 18 años has in store for you.


A little bit of history about Arehucas Añejo Reserva Especial 18 Years Boxed Bottle...

A little history about Arehucas Añejo Reserva Especial 18 Años Estuchado...
It all started with sugar. This was the reason for the opening, on 9 August 1884, of La Fábrica de San Pedro, a company dedicated to the production of sugar in Arucas (Gran Canaria) and, to a lesser extent, to the production of sugar cane spirit and rum. What was not foreseen was that, over the years, this small business would become the main business of the Canarian factory.

A few years later, the quality of the sugar and liqueurs made them official suppliers to the Royal House and the Spanish Court, acquiring a great reputation and the strength to improve the facilities and the production process. Thus, in the 1940s, the rum was given the name Arehucas, and in the 1960s it acquired the name Destilerías Arehucas. The rest is history until it became one of the most important national rums with exports to more than 10 countries.


It's in the Top 20 of economic and cheap products of Rum and in the Top 140 of our best seller products.

Comments about Arehucas Añejo Selección Familiar 18 Years (2)

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2 comment
06 of december , 2020


Precioso estuchado. Es la primera vez que he probado un ron español y me ha encantado.
Su sabor es muy suave con un toque final amielado, y anima a probar el resto de la gama Arehucas.

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15 of march , 2020

Alan Hewitt


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