Wyborowa Exquisite

Alcohol Volume: 37.5%
discount: No
Liquor Style: Neutral
Country: Poland

45,95 € tax incl. (21%)

37,98 € + VAT

  • 70cl
  • 1L

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Wyborowa Exquisite

45,95 €

tax incl. (21%)

37,98 € + VAT


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Details and Information about Discontinued Vodka Wyborowa Exquisite

Alcohol Volume37.5%
Liquor StyleNeutral
CategoryDiscontinued Vodka

Why buy Discontinued Vodka Wyborowa Exquisite

Presented in a wonderful bottle is an ultra premium vodka from Poland. Wyborowa Exquisite is, in our opinion, a fresh and clean Vodka showcasing the best of Polish distillation.

Wyborowa Exquisite is a premium vodka , made ​​using high quality grain grown near the town of Turew. Its production began in 1823 in a distillery owned by Jewish businessman Hartwig Kantorowicz Polish Poznan .

The product was known only in their country until 1873, when the export of vodka to European countries began. In 1927, Wyborowa became the first vodka brand to be registered internationally. In the 1950s and 60s, Wyborowa conquered all the major European countries and came to constitute over 60% of the total volume of vodka exported to the UK.

The bottle design for Wyborowa Exquisite was designed by Frank Gehry, an architect winner of the Pritzker Prize. The bottle design is not only delicious but it is also very attractive, because it incorporates a rectangular male shape elegantly softened with a feminine curve, that goes about the vertical centerline of the bottle. The glass cap (which can be used as a shot glass) adds to the overall appeal of the bottle that exudes sex appeal and luxury.

Wyborowa Exquisite is remarkably smooth , full of flavor and aromas of rye with a touch of pine and citrus.

It's in the Top 20 of economic and cheap products of Discontinued Vodka and in the Top 2240 of our best seller products.

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03 of june , 2014


Wyborowa Exquisite está tan bueno que tienes que tener al menos uno en tu minibar.

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