Alcohol Volume: 41.8%
discount: No
Liquor Style: London Dry
Country: Scotland
Variety: Neutral

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  • 70cl

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Availability: This product is no longer in stock

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Details and Information about Discontinued Gin Caorunn

Alcohol Volume41.8%
Liquor StyleLondon Dry
CategoryDiscontinued Gin

Why buy Discontinued Gin Caorunn

Caorunn is a small batch distilled Scottish Gin infused with five Celtic botanicals.

Caorunn is handcrafted and small batch distilled gin controlled by the Gin
Master, Simon. A small batch is usually 1,000 litres. We use pure grain spirit, not molasses like most gins, to ensure high quality.

The pure grain spirit is vaporised through our Unique Copper Berry Chamber that was made in the 1920’s, when gin was produced with a slow process to enable enough time to infuse the subtle flavour of the botanicals. It is a round chamber with copper frame and carries 4 trays.

We spread our botanicals on the trays, allowing the grain spirit vapour to meet the botanicals on a largest possible surface during the infusion process and to pick up the aromas and flavours of the botanicals.

Infusing eleven botanicals in our unique Copper Berry Chamber we harness Scotland’s unique natural resources and age old botanicals. The fabled Rowan Berry forms the very soul of our gin. Caorunn, pronounced ‘ka-roon’, is the Gaelic word for Rowan Berry that has inspired Celtic medicines and recipes for generations.

It's in the Top 40 of economic and cheap products of Discontinued Gin and in the Top 1050 of our best seller products.

Comments about Caorunn (2)

 Valoration: 4.5 of 5
2 comment
07 of november , 2016

Ginebra de verdad

Ante tanto invento que hay hoy en dia en cuanto a sabores de ginebra si lo que te va es la ginebra de toda la vida ésta me parece buenísima. La compré hace un par de años por curiosidad, y es tremenda. Sabor suave, sin inventos, y a mayores la botella preciosa, todo un acierto!

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05 of june , 2014

Me ha encantado

Me encanta Caorunn pero la verdad es que a veces es difícil de encontrar. Cuando se me agote mi compra seguro que hago otra por aquí.

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