Boe Superior

Alcohol Volume: 47%
discount: No
Liquor Style: London Dry
Country: Scotland
Variety: Neutral

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  • 70cl

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Boe Superior

23,50 €

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Details and Information about Gin Boe Superior

Alcohol Volume47%
Liquor StyleLondon Dry
BrandBoe Gin

Why buy Gin Boe Superior

In 1658 the renowned professor Franz de la Boe gently infuses a pure grain spirit with juniper berries, while in search of a medicinal tonic, and so Franz de la Boe invented the first GIN of the wold.

Boë Superior is created with love in small amounts under the watchful eye of our Master Distiller, where 13 botanicals and spices hand-picked are infused the best grain alcohol.

Boë Superior is produced using one of the very rare Carterhead Stills, in a complicated process called vapor infusion. The technique combines the essence of all the botanical ingredients with grain alcohol, while vaporizes. Thus the distillation process prevents overheating of botanicals and gently increases and preserves the flavors of their aromatic oils.

The subtleties of Boë Superior are in the selection and preparation of the botanical ingredients, balance of herbs and spices are crucial for their distinctive flavor and quality.

Juniper berries and its oils are the heart of this gin, but it takes many more ingredients to make Boë special. There's the aromatic cilantro and Angelica. Ginger, orris root and Cassia, one of the oldest of all the spices included. Orange and lemon peel are also there to provide a hint of citrus, along with cardamom, licorice, almonds and spicy tones Cubeb Berry.

The Boë Superior gin is cut at 47% vol exactly using crystal clear water of the quiet valleys of ancient Scotland. To produce a gin with the perfect taste and a lasting nature, consistent with the pioneering spirit of Franz de la Boe.

It's in the Top 150 of economic and cheap products of Gin and in the Top 1420 of our best seller products.

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