Anís del Mono Dry

Anís del Mono Dry

Alcohol Volume: 40%
discount: Yes
Liquor Style: Aniseed
Country: Spain

10,95 €

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  • 70cl

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Anís del Mono Dry

9,60 €

10,95 €

tax incl. (21%)

7,93 € + VAT


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Details and Information about Aniseed Anís del Mono Dry

Alcohol Volume40%
Liquor StyleAniseed
BrandAnís del Mono

Why buy Aniseed Anís del Mono Dry

Anís del Mono Dry is made with the same selection of raw materials as Anís del Mono Sweet, but with a higher alcohol content, it has a lower sugar content.

Its aniseed flavour is the result of its artisanal production and distillation in original 19th century copper stills. Today, it is one of Spain's and the world's favourite anisettes.


Tasting notes. Sight, smell and taste

A glass of Anís del Mono Dry reveals a transparent and bright drink.

On the nose, you will feel persistent aromas that will invite you to take the first sip, which will allow you to perceive a dry, aniseed and powerful flavour.


Pairing. How to taste it

You can prepare delicious aniseed doughnuts with a much stronger aniseed flavour and a little less sweet.

In other words, a different and, in our opinion, better touch, because they will be ideal for dunking in milk or hot coffee and will be the best way to soothe the bitter cold that stalks us these days.

Now, if you don't see yourself preparing a homemade aniseed doughnut recipe, you can also enjoy Anís del Mono Dry in shots as a digestive, after a meal.

Or in a classic Palomita de Levante, combining it with water and ice, or in an Andalusian-style Paloma, mixing Anís del Mono Seco and Anís del Mono Dulce with water and lemon juice.

You can also add a splash to your long cut coffee or make novelty cocktails such as an Anís del Mono Sunrise or an Anís del Mono Sweet & Dry, which will be delicious.


A little bit of history about Anís del Mono Dry...

A history that goes back to the beginning of the 19th century, when Vicente Bosch, the founder of Anís del Mono, had some business in America and received, as gifts from his customers and suppliers, all kinds of exotic curiosities from the new continent.

One of these curiosities was a cute little monkey that he never imagined would give its name to a brand that would become known all over the world.

As for the origin of the bottle design, the anecdote is somewhat more romantic because it came about when Vicente Bosch was buying a perfume for his wife in Paris and found the inspiration to create the mythical diamond design that he still wears today.

And that's not all, because if you look closely the monkey's "look" bears a very suspicious resemblance to Charles Darwin, the creator of the theory of evolution which, at the time of Anís del Mono's launch, was a theory that caused much controversy, disagreement and conflict with creationists.

However, although the conflicts were no small matter, we are sure that the English naturalist himself would question his theory if he had known the unexpected evolution that our Anís del Mono would go through, because it would end up becoming a model for Picasso and becoming the most talked about bottle in history... literally!


It's in the Top 20 of economic and cheap products of Aniseed and in the Top 1180 of our best seller products.

Comments about Anís del Mono Dry (2)

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2 comment
07 of september , 2022

Anis del mono seco

Très bon digestif, prix compétitif, envoi rapide et bien protégé. Merci

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01 of august , 2020

Anis del Mono Seco

This dry anis is very nice. The ordinary anis is too sweet.

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