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Canadian Club

Alcohol Volume: 40%
discount: Yes
Liquor Style: Canadian Blended
Country: Canada

15,95 €

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  • 70cl
  • 1L

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Canadian Club

15,20 €

15,95 €

tax incl. (21%)

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Details and Information about Whisky Canadian Club

Alcohol Volume40%
Liquor StyleCanadian Blended

Why buy Whisky Canadian Club

A national pride. There are not many brands that can fit into that phrase, but those that do are certainly a treasure not for the country itself, but for the whole world.  This is the case of Canadian Club, the essential Canadian whisky.

A group of people who, with their work and their ideas, put their country on the map thanks, among other things, to the sensations their products cause in the consumer.

More than 150 years is the time that the North American company has been walking a recipe with several nuances of its own that make it great. The first of them is the presence of a selection of grains chosen by the experts, including rye, corn, rye malt and barley malt. Then, unlike the vast majority of the world's whiskies, the distillates are blended before they are aged so that the flavors are united from the start. Finally, the aging takes place for a period longer than the three years required by the law of oak barrels, which can reach six years, and in American bourbon barrels of white oak, another of the distinctives of Canadian Club. Three essential aspects to make the Canadian distillery one of the most recognized in the world.

Tasting notes. Sight, smell and taste

A classic translucent, dark-necked, white-label bottle with Canadian Club's elegant silkscreen is responsible for protecting this excellent Canadian blended from prying eyes. Bright gold in color, Canadian Club exudes fresh and soft aromas of almonds and spices. Finally, it is spicy in the mouth, with hints of oak and sweet vanilla, leaving a sweet aftertaste on the palate.

How to taste it. Marriage

As for the way to taste it, from Yo pongo el hielo we recommend doing it alone, accompanied perhaps by a couple of pieces of ice and a slice of lime or orange to complement its flavor. Spicy white meat tapas are an exquisite Canadian Club companion, as is the case with the teriyaki chicken skewer.

More than 150 years of quality

The history of the Canadian Club begins in 1858 with Hiram Walker, a grain merchant based in Detroit. After taking his first steps in the U.S. city, Walker decided to move to Ontario due to pressure in the state of Michigan to ban distillates. Once installed in Canada, Canadian Club penetrated deeply in the clubs of gentlemen of the United States and Canada due to its high quality, being known at that time as Whisky Club. Years later it changed its name to the current one due to the obligation to differentiate itself from the American whiskies, and since then it has become one of the most known and exported whiskies of Canada and, therefore, in a pride for the nation.

It's in the Top 40 of economic and cheap products of Whisky and in the Top 290 of our best seller products.

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2 comment
04 of june , 2019

Canadian club.

I love Canadian club your prices and service best on line .Thank you.

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14 of april , 2016

Todo sin problemas y al día siguiente.

Es el mejor Whisky que he probado. .

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