Nikka From The Barrel Boxed Bottle

Nikka From The Barrel Boxed Bottle

Alcohol Volume: 51.4%
discount: Yes
Liquor Style: Blended
Country: Japan
Display: Boxed Bottle

49,90 €

43,20 € tax incl. (21%)

35,70 € + VAT

  • 50cl

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Nikka From The Barrel Boxed Bottle

43,20 €

49,90 €

tax incl. (21%)

35,70 € + VAT


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Details and Information about Whisky Nikka From The Barrel Boxed Bottle

Alcohol Volume51.4%
Liquor StyleBlended
DisplayBoxed Bottle

Why buy Whisky Nikka From The Barrel Boxed Bottle

Nikka From The Barrel is a robust and full of character Whisky. Very good mixed with a little water. A real star, winner of the first prize in its category at the World Whisky Awards Awards in 2007 and 2010.

Tasting Notes

Color: Golden Colour.

Nose: Medium bodied with good balance. There are notes of flowers and fresh fruits, spices and a little oak.

Palate: Full-bodied and powerful. There are plenty of winter spices and toffee, a little caramel and vanilla and a mouthful of fruit.


For the production of Nikka From The Barrel, it takes a mature malt whiskey and grain Japanese whiskey, mixed and then re enter in barrels (a process known as "marriage") to create a rich harmony. Nikka From The Barrel is bottled straight from the barrel of whiskey, without any dilution and has the same percentage of alcohol. 51.4% alcohol content, this whiskey has a distinctive personality characterized by solidity, depth of flavor and a rich aroma expanding. A wonder for the discerning palate.


In 1918, Masataka Taketsuru just embarked on a long journey to Scotland. In this distant land the secrets of whiskey would be imparted to this young Japanese, and here also would meet the woman who would become his wife.

Masataka Taketsuru born in the coastal town of Takehara (now Takehara City) about 60km from the city of Hiroshima. The Taketsuru family owned a distillery of "sake" that dates back to 1733, and continues to produce excellent sake today.

However, Scotch whiskey captured the imagination of the young, as well as the interest of some other Japanese, and decided to dedicate his life to whiskey.

Given the chance to go to Scotland, Masataka enrolled at the University of Glasgow and became the first Japanese to study the art of whiskey making. He took chemistry courses at the university and apprenticed at distilleries, learning first-hand of the craftsmen. Masataka later obtained the title of master blender.

In 1920 Masataka returned to Japan with Jessie Roberta (Rita), whom he had married earlier that year. After joining a company that aspired to make genuine Japanese whiskey, finally they got the first whiskey production in Japan.

Masataka's vision of whiskey came from his experience in Scotland, and he knew that the right environment was essential. However, it was becoming clear that in order to produce the whiskey he wanted would have to be independent.

Thus in 1934 Masataka established Nikka Whisky, and built its first distillery in Yoichi, Hokkaido, the place he had always considered the ideal in Japan for whiskey, similar in many ways to the Scottish town where he had studied.

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05 of september , 2021

Nikka from the Barrel

Excellent Japanese whisky and excellent value from Yopongohielo

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15 of may , 2021

Nikka from the Barrel.


Paul Hemsley

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