Citadelle 6C

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Citadelle 6C

Alcohol Volume: 44%
discount: Yes
Liquor Style: Neutral
Country: France

28,90 €

25,70 € tax incl. (21%)

21,24 € + VAT

  • 70cl

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Citadelle 6C

25,70 €

28,90 €

tax incl. (21%)

21,24 € + VAT


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Details and Information about Vodka Citadelle 6C

Alcohol Volume44%
Liquor StyleNeutral

Why buy Vodka Citadelle 6C

It is a premium vodka made from the same cellar respopnsable for the prestigious Gin bearing the same name "Citadelle". Made with a special variety of French wheat, a total of six times distilled before an exhaustive filter through coal, this is a high-end true vodka.

From the same cellar as the award winning Citadelle gin, vodka Citadelle is the result of the experience of centuries of the art of distillation. In a time of extreme industrialization Citadelle vodka is distilled with the artisan tradition, belonging to another era.

Citadelle 6C is made only from wheat grown in the plains of the Beauce, in central France. The pure grain is separated from the bran - Moreover, only the bead is used for distillation. This process of separating the bran contributes greatly to the improvement of this vodka, since methanol is produced from distilling  the bran, and other negative elements that could adversely affect the taste of vodka .

Citadelle 6C initially is distilled five times, then our master distiller performe a sixth distillation with the addition of some secret ingredients that gives it its unique taste and style . We call this last distillation 6C (sixth Charentais distillation using the method) which is the name we have chosen for this unique vodka.

It's in the Top 50 of economic and cheap products of Vodka and in the Top 1270 of our best seller products.

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29 of may , 2014

Gran variedad

Muy recomendable para amantes de Vodka. Definitivamente lo compraré de nuevo

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