Martini Bianco

Martini Bianco

Alcohol Volume: 15%
discount: Yes
Liquor Style: Vermut
Country: Italy

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Martini Bianco

8,55 €

10,19 €

tax incl. (21%)

7,07 € + VAT


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Details and Information about Vermuth Martini Bianco

Alcohol Volume15%
Liquor StyleVermut

Why buy Vermuth Martini Bianco

Enjoy the elegance of Martini Bianco in your glass. A true Italian icon created by over 140 years of dedication and passion. Multi-award winning since 1910, the beautiful lady of Pessione enjoys the highest regard.

Martini Bianco is considered the King of vermouth. It was once known as Bianchissimo, an aromatic, sweet, smooth and very delicate drink. It works perfectly as an essential mix to enjoy all kinds of cocktails or aperitifs.

Sipping a glass of Martini Bianco you will enjoy a sumptuous taste thanks to its unique base made from different white wines such as Trebbiano, garnished with herbal extracts and sweet floral botanicals, mugwort and sweet flowers such as violet or vanilla flowers, among others, produce a unique flavour that can only have the MARTINI stamp.


Tasting notes. Sight, smell and taste

A glass of Martini Bianco is colourless when poured. The nose is slightly fruity, with notes of pistachio, citrus peel and spices. On the palate, sweet nutty flavours are balanced by zesty orange, grapefruit and herbal notes with soft hints of vanilla.


Pairing. How to taste it

Martini Bianco is ideal for pairing with dishes prepared with seafood or mountain products. Seafood, rice dishes, pasta and soft cheeses.

We recommend serving Martini Bianco in a wide glass, with ice "on the rocks" or with a tonic and slices of lemon.


A little bit of history about Martini Bianco...

Martini is a brand of mainly alcoholic beverages, mainly vermouth, owned by what has become an Italian multinational Martini & Rossi. Today, it is part of the international Bacardi-Martini group.

Adding aromatic and medicinal herbs to wine, both as an aperitif and for curative purposes, is an ancient custom, as the classical Greeks already did it. But the aromatised or compound wines that we know today as vermouth are a purely Italian invention.

In 1863 Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi shared a vision to produce a unique product that represented the best in Italian quality and style. They devised a unique and secret recipe, blending a selection of aromatic herbs and high quality wines from the rolling vineyards of Piedmont.

By 1903 Martini had become one of the world's most cosmopolitan drinks brands, enjoyed and appreciated in over 70 countries worldwide.

Martini is a true Italian icon with a strong family heritage and has become the most acclaimed and cosmopolitan Italian drinks brand in the world.

Today, Martini continues to be based on the original recipe and continues to attract many admirers. It is enjoyed by fashionable celebrities, in the best bars. It is a truly elegant, charismatic drink.



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 Valoration: 4.75 of 5
10 of febrery , 2024

Martini blanco

Love it. will buy it again.

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16 of june , 2021


Vermouth dulce con ligero sabor a vainilla. Con hielo y una aceituna está buenísimo

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