Alcohol Volume: 15.5%
discount: No
Liquor Style: Coffee
Country: Ireland

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  • 70cl
  • 1L

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16,50 €

tax incl. (21%)

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Details and Information about Spirit Sheridan's

Alcohol Volume15.5%
Liquor StyleCoffee

Why buy Spirit Sheridan's

Sheridan's is a liqueur with a striking double-sided bottle. Sheridan's is different form other drinks, it is creamy, sweet and subtly composed of a white chocolate liqueur and a coffee liqueur.

Sheridan's was developed in Dublin by Thomas Sheridan & Sons and it start selling in 1994 with a great success. It has been developed as an object of desire, thanks both to its unique bottle, and its delicious drink within.

Sheridan is a unique style of drink. In fact it is two drinks merged into one bottle, one half has a coffee liqueur whiskey based, while the other half has a white chocolate liqueur. They come to be served in separate layers to make a kind of cocktail, where white liquor gently floats on top of the black liquor.

To ensure the mixture is perfect in the glass, the bottle has a mechanism called 'Perfect Pour ', designed to allow both halves with different viscosities of the contents to settle naturally into place. By overlaying the two liquids one over another Sheridan takes the image of a perfect Irish coffee .

The contrast effect of the black and white liquor, an indulgent, rich flavor with a hint of chocolate and nut Sheridan is stunning to serve at a dinner party, with or after the dessert .

It's in the Top 20 of economic and cheap products of Spirit and in the Top 550 of our best seller products.

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