Alcohol Volume: 28%
discount: Yes
Liquor Style: Pacharan
Country: Spain

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  • 70cl
  • 1L

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17,60 €

18,30 €

tax incl. (21%)

14,55 € + VAT


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Details and Information about Pacharan Baines

Alcohol Volume28%
Liquor StylePacharan

Why buy Pacharan Baines

Baines, made for Pacharán lovers

It is made following the traditional process of Navarre, with a maceration time of four months, which undoubtedly marks the quality of the product.


Tasting notes. Sight, smell and taste

It has managed to position itself at the top of the market, where it is always distinguished by its intense sweet and velvety flavour with a predominant taste of sloe.


Pairing. How to taste it

A pacharán that is ideal to enjoy in a long glass with some ice, but it also tastes great on its own or combined with some fruit juice.
And, even in cold weather, you can serve it hot in an infusion and you will have the best after-dinner conversation with friends or family.


A little bit of history about Baines...

Iñaki, a colleague in the office, was telling us the other day that on Saturday, after a meal with his friends from the north, they went to a bar to have an after-dinner drink while they sank a glass of good pacharán.
-Make it Navarrese," he asked the waiter.
While he waited for his drink and looked at his whatsapps, he couldn't help overhearing the conversations of the people at the surrounding tables:
Next to him, he had a couple who ordered two wines.
-Rioja or Ribera," asked the waiter.
-It doesn't matter," they replied, "but it has to be crianza.
How can you not care? - Iñaki asked himself, very surprised, as he put his mobile phone away because the waiter had arrived with his glass with three ice cubes and his pacharán.
Returning to the conversation we were having, he commented that he couldn't explain how there could be people with so little initiative to choose, to be satisfied with whatever they are served.
Well, maybe it's not a question of initiative but of luck," he said, "because they've always been served what they expected... or they don't mind anything. In any case, they always end up happy and it works out well for them - he reflected aloud.
Knowing what Iñaki is like, I know that he is the kind of person who would never leave his glass to chance. He is very clear about what he wants in most aspects of his life and, for that reason, he is always very clear when he chooses or asks for something.
For example, that day in the bar he clearly told the waiter that he wanted a glass of pacharán from Navarre.
And when he saw that the bottle was Baines, he didn't have to change his mind.
Because he knows what he likes.
And Baines pacharán is in that group.
The fact is that the chat with Iñaki made me think about whether I was really deciding what I wanted or whether I was letting myself go....
And I'm not sure!


It's in the Top 10 of economic and cheap products of Pacharan and in the Top 800 of our best seller products.

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