Bols Zeer Oude

Bols Zeer Oude

Alcohol Volume: 35%
discount: Yes
Liquor Style: Jenever
Country: Holland
Variety: Neutral

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Bols Zeer Oude

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Details and Information about Gin Bols Zeer Oude

Alcohol Volume35%
Liquor StyleJenever

Why buy Gin Bols Zeer Oude

The Jenever 'Oude', or old do not acquire this name bacause it is aged, but because they are made with the old traditional style, with a small percentage of malt wine and flavored with aromatic botanicals.

It is a type of Gin known as Jenever. It is a malt liqueur flavored with juniper and the national and traditional liquor of the Netherlands and Belgium. It was introduced in the Netherlands in the 16th century and is from which the current gin was developed.

There are two types of Jenever: 'Oude' (old) and "Jonge" (young). It is not a matter of aging, but of distilling techniques. Around 1900 new destilacón technique made ​​possible the production of a high-grade alcohol almost neutral tasting, independent of the origin of the spirit. People began to use the term 'Oude' for old style Jenever and "Jonge 'for the new style, which contains more grain instead of malt and can even contain alcohol based from simple sugar.

Bols Zeer Oude was the first Jenever known in Holland, and was consumed by many. Bols Zeer Oude is distilled from 100% pure grain, but the use of other plant products and some candy,  makes it a bit sweeter than Bols Jonge. Bols Zeer Oude color is yellow due to caramel. Zeer Oude Bols is a little softer than Bols Jonge.

It's in the Top 80 of economic and cheap products of Gin and in the Top 480 of our best seller products.

Comments about Bols Zeer Oude (4)

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17 of august , 2022

Jacobo de Jonge

Bols oude jenever esta muy bueno, aunque prefiero Bokma oude jenever (que ustedes no vienden).
El envio estaba rapido, como siempre. Gracias.

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29 of august , 2020

Bols oude jenever. Jacobus de Jonge.

Me gusta el Bols oude jenever, aunque prefiero el Bokma oude jenever (bottella verde), que tambien es holandès.

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