Alcohol Volume: 20%
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Liquor Style: Hazelnut
Country: Italy

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Details and Information about Fruit Spirit Frangelico

Alcohol Volume20%
Liquor StyleHazelnut
CategoryFruit Spirit

Why buy Fruit Spirit Frangelico

A hazelnut flavored liqueur primarily by distilling the infusion of toasted hazelnuts in alcohol and water. It is flavored with roasted coffee and cocoa, vanilla berries and root rhubard.

According to the legend Frangelico's sources is credited to Christian monks living in the hills of Piedmont, northern Italy 300 years ago. They used their skills in fine food and beverages, including the art of distillation, in particular the use of the wild hazelnuts and other precious ingredients to create recipes for alcoholic beverages, such as one in which Frangelico is based today. The bottle reflects this heritage, which resembles a monk of glass, with a rope belt .

His name is also part of the same local legend, an abbreviation of Fran Angelico, a hermit monk believed to have lived in the magnificent Piedmont hills during the 18th century.

Frangelico is a pale gold Tonda Gentile hazelnuts liqueur. Is distilled in the Piedmont region of northern Italy from natural flavoring extracts such as cocoa and vanilla, mixed with alcohol, sugar and water and then placed in vats for 6-8 weeks to allow the mixture to marry.

Drink it in winter and summer; to warm or to cool; short or long; alone or in a admixture. It is delicious in every way . As a classic liqueur, Frangelico is perfect after a meal or as a complement to coffee. For pure sophistication, poured it over ice with a squeeze of lemon for an intense and refreshing experience. Even perfect for mixing with soda, orange juice, cola or ginger ale. It is a valuable addition to any liquor cabinet .

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09 of june , 2014

Muy buen precio

Absolutamente magnífico. De lo mejor que se puede comprar. Perfecto para fardar delante de mis amigos.

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