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Kopparberg Mixed Fruit

Alcohol Volume: 4.5%
discount: No
Liquor Style: Flavored
Country: Sweden

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Kopparberg Mixed Fruit

46,85 €

tax incl. (21%)

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Details and Information about Cider Kopparberg Mixed Fruit

Alcohol Volume4.5%
Liquor StyleFlavored
Units24 IU

Why buy Cider Kopparberg Mixed Fruit

Full of currants and raspberries, Kopparberg Mixed Fruits will delight you. Rich and indulgent with effervescent energy, it is best served cold on ice. Offering a unique twist to the traditional cider flavour, Kopparberg Mixed Fr it blends the juice of blackcurrants and raspberries with Kopparberg's Apple Cider to produce a truly distinctive fruity taste, rich in colour and refreshing down to the last drop.

Yes, cider is practically spanish's national heritage. But just as beyond the borders of the United Kingdom there are fantastic gins, or that it is not only in the Dominican Republic that a quality rum is made, it must be said that Asturias is not the only region in the world where a delicious cider is produced. One of these regions is located in Sweden, specifically in the city of Kopparberg, a place where it is summer all year round.

Blackcurrants and raspberries. This is the magic recipe for Kopparberg Mixed Fruits, one of the most popular varieties of Swedish distillery. They produce an exquisite sweet and refreshing taste whose elaboration consists of fermenting the fruits together with the apple and uniting them to the pure and crystalline water of the spring of the population.

Tasting notes. Sight, smell and taste

When the pupils focus their attention on Kopparberg Mixed Fruits, an amber flash, fruit of the mixture of such disparate fruits, floods the whole brain, which, having annulled all its capacity for decision, agrees to let it out to the outside. At the moment, sweet and intense aromas of raspberry and redcurrant, its main actors, are dispersed through the air. There is only one barrier to overcome, which gives way when the bottle approaches the mouth and lets the Swedish liquid flow down the throat. A fruit feast begins to dance on the taste buds, provoking a sweet and refreshing final explosion that we will never want to end.

How to taste it. Marriage

As for the best way to taste Kopparberg Mixed Fruits, we recommend a wide glass and lots of ice. Nothing more is needed to enjoy this excellent Swedish cider.

A hundred-year-old drink

1882 marks the beginning of an era in Kopparberg. That year 36 brewers join under the umbrella of a single brand that about 50 years later decides to embark on the cider business. This first contact was not very successful in the country, leading its owners to sell the factory to Swiss entrepreneurs whose sole objective was to market the excellent spring water of the city.

However, there was still one more chapter to be written. Thanks to a journalistic report, in 1993 the Andersen brothers started to buy the company and resume cider production with new ideas and products that would place this centenary brand on the shelves of all bars and houses in the world. Challenge achieved.

Halfdry genuine Swedish cider

It's in the Top 10 of economic and cheap products of Cider and in the Top 400 of our best seller products.

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02 of june , 2014

Estupendo servicio

Quien no haya bebido todavía este néctar es que no ha vivido aún lo suficiente.

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