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Pink Pepper

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Botanical and Spice Pink Pepper

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For those seeking for a gin and tonic irreverent and slightly spicy, perfect to celebrate the notes of the most aromatic gins with a spicy and intense touch.

The familiar pink pepper is actually not a variety of pepper, are grains of the so-called Brazilian pepper tree (Schinus terbinthifolius), a small shrub of the family of anacardinaceos from tropical and subtropical areas, from a botanical point of view has nothing to do with pepper.

The fruit of this false pepper, is a berry of about 4 mm in diameter formed in clusters.

The taste of pink pepper is very particular, it is one of those flavors that you either love or you hate. Barely pink pepper pike alone. It's like a blend of sweet, citric, slightly spicy flavor and reminds the freshness of pine, on the palate the taste and aroma of the resin is perceived. The aroma reminiscent of juniper berries, but more subtle and less dominant.

It's in the Top 10 of Premium economic and cheap Botanical and Spice and in the Top 380 of our best seller beverages.

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